Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rince Calder.

okie dokie ladies and gents, so i told you that i was going to start posting more "actual art" on my blog, so i thought that i'd go ahead and keep that promise...especially since i couldn't really find any blog worthy fashion stuff today lol.

alrighty, so this one chick, her name is rince (i love that name lol) and she's a painter. you should go check her out. i became really fond of this one painting she has so then i went and looked at some of her other work and i got a little disappointed. i mean, she's cool stuff or whatever but not really my style.
the painting that i like is called diversity. i love all of the different colors she infused into this oil painting and how all of the people are kind of mashed together and to me that really represents america...and the world.
it was cool stuff i must say.
and i also really liked how the eyes are so strong and piercing...sick stuff right?
anyway, email me your thoughts.
tah-tah for now.