Monday, July 12, 2010

Terry Richardson.

kanye west & amber rose.
shot by terry richardson.

so, i'm not really sure what these pictures are for but my friend showed them to me today and i assume they are new pics because the fashionista of the year, aka me hahaha, hasn't seen them yet.
i'm pretty sure that i've made posts about terry richardson before or probably posted pics of his because i will admit that i do sometimes like them. he's not completely untalented ya know. too many people just seem to always hate on the dude for being over-sexual, and i agree but i mean the world is just like that now. so many pictures are always out there that have sexual connotations attached to them, but i mean i can appreciate them for what they are...doesn't really bother me too much. so shoot me..
but anyway, when i saw these pictures i really wondered what the point of them was, they look cool but what do they really mean. i mean why the hell is kanye licking her head? is it because he loves her for being herself and enjoys the fact that she's absolutely gorgeous without a head full of hair that many women often hide behind?? idk, or is it that he loves her individuality??
i'm not really sure, what do you guys think? e-mail me and let me know your thoughts.
ok this post is wayyy too long in text lol.
im done typing now haha.