Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Me!

i really like this outfit lol.
these pictures make me laugh.
i'm such a weird person lol.
anyways, hope you enjoy.
shirt-idk (it was my dad's and i decided to wear it as a dress)
belt-st. john's bay
glasses-no idea


so as promised, i'm finally putting up more pictures of myself.
one thing that i plan on doing with this blog is incorporating more of my own style stuff.
sooo here i is.
this is a pretty chill look. my hair is crazy and up in a high pony tail.
diy cut-off sweater-idk where i got it.
shorts- forever 21
necklace-forever 21
sunglasses-either zara or h&m (idk which one lol)
ohhh and by the way, i made a new youtube channel so please go check that out and subscribe to it.
i decided to make a new one because i was really inconsistent with uploading so i wanted to start fresh.

Jean Paul Gaultier.

spring couture 2011.
photographs via

ladies ladies ladies! did you enjoy looking at the couture shows these past few days.? they were all so different and fun to look at. well, i know i'm a couple days late, but that's quite alright because most of these shows still can't even be found on youtube yet, so you'll be alright. nowww, jean paul is such a vibrant and different man which turns him into an excellent designer. his quirkiness and creativity is what makes him the designer that he is. so we all know that when we look at couture shows, we expect to see lavish, flowery, and romantic pieces of clothing. well, being jean paul gaultier, he had to make a statement and do something different. i was looking through all of the shows (of course, since i am a blogger lol) and this one REALLY stuck out. i was captivated by the pinstripes, chains, and crazy hair. i also thought the winged eyeliner was pretty sick as well lol. everything was so over the top and punk that i'm pretty sure it surprised some people in the audience lol. but hey, what do you expect. it's a gauliter show haha.
i didn't like all of the clothes, some of them were cool but the overall production of this event was fantastic.
i wish i wasn't stuck here and that i could travel to europe to see all these cool shows first hand...
ohhh well. damn you midwest with your lack of couture fashion!
check out my favorite stills from the show.

United Colours of Benetton.

ad campaign.
photographer: josh olins.

this is kind of girly. since i've pretty much stopped wearing my hair straight all together, i've been experimenting with different styles i can wear with my crazy, curly hair. one thing that i've loved recently is wearing big ass bows in my hair. it looks cool and adds to the volume and drama of it all.
i like these pics. they're cute.

Friday, January 28, 2011


marloes horst & darla baker.
photography by: terry richardson.

this is cutesy...kinda.
i don't know why, but every time i see pictures by terry richardson, i just automatically know that they are by him. that's a good thing though because his work is so recognizable...but then again it can also get kind of repetitive and boring because you already know the types of things that he's going to shoot.
but, on the flip side, i do enjoy some of his work. it's eccentric, so that's cool.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christina Ricci.

by: mert & marcus.
styled by: katie grand.

oh wow! this is kind of emotional.
it sort of reminds me of all of the depths that go along with each individual human being and how they deal with certain things that end up driving them mad.
some go crazy and others have great coping skills.
what do you think is up with christina here? haha.
this is pretty sick. i enjoy when models become great actresses on the set of a shoot and end up managing to still look "model"esq. that's such a great quality.
alrighty, well i'm gonna go ahead and hit the hay.
toodles fashionistas.
christina beauty3 Morning Beauty | Christina Ricci by Mert & Marcus
christina beauty6 Morning Beauty | Christina Ricci by Mert & Marcus

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maison Michel.

spring/summer 2011.
photographed by: karl lagerfeld.

ok, there's way too many models in this shoot so i really don't feel like naming all of them, but i'll put a link at the bottom just in case you want to check out the shoot in its entirety. i'm really excited about this.
the pictures came out really cool. they're really clear and i love all of the different emotions that were evoked in each image. lookbooks are so fun to look at....especially ones that are mainly headshots.
hope you like it, and i encourage you to go look at the rest of the shoot.
these are just my favorite pictures.

Gisele Bundchen.

gisele bundchen.
shot by: regan cameron.

ok, so this was done in 2007 but one of my favorite websites posted it today and i had to show it to you guys. makeup editorials are always really fun to look at but this one is way better.
you wana know whyyyy??? well, i'll tell ya. it's pretty gosh darn original.
whoever did the actual makeup did a cool job because it came out hella tight.
loveess it.



Saturday, January 22, 2011


vogue u.s.
jana knauerova & britt maren.
styled by elissa santisi.
by: raymond meier.

sick! don't you love this???!!
music above anything else is what keeps me going.
this shoot is pretty sick, i must say.
this shoot is so cool because even though they've got on bright clothes and weird hair, everything still looks classy. i love when fashion editors take to contradictory things and make everything look like only one of the elements that is displayed. that's pretty gosh darn cool if ya ask me.
check it outtttt.

Drama & Ballet.

vogue russia.
february 2011.
by jason schmidt.
model: denisa dvorakova.

ok, this is genius. if you are one to read my blog on a regular basis, i'm sure that by now you have a pretty good sense of the things that i find captivating and the subjects that i enjoy. art, collectively, is something that inspires me more than anything else. art is defined as the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. it comes in numerous forms. for example, sculpture, dance, music, photography, fashion, paintings, drawings, poetry, etc...
dance and fashion are two things that i personally feel go hand in hand. well...being the fashion lover that i am i guess one could also link fashion to other forms of expression..but in this case, we're just going to talk about the commonalities between it and dance. when a person dances, they then move rhythmically with music and are able to express their every emotion and feeling through the movements that they execute. when you link the fashion aspect of it together, it helps for dance to then come alive even more. look at lyrical, contemporary, ballet, and modern dancers when they are wearing a beautiful piece of clothing that flows with them as they move. everything then becomes absolutely breathtaking.
dancers, just as those who work in fashion are often viewed as people who have pointless crafts. that is completely false and not true at all.
in order for dancers to do what they do, they must dedicate years of training and countless hours of dieting in order to be the best that they can be. people in whatever spectrum of the fashion industry must be creative geniuses who use their inner thoughts to create looks and collections for everyone to have access to through countless hours of research along with trial and error.
soo yeahh..i would continue on this rant but i just looked up and realized how much i've already typed lol.
hope you guys have a great day.
toodles fashionistas.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marie Claire Ukraine.

marie claire ukraine.
hannah holman.
january 2011.

isn't this gorgeous?! i think this girl is sooo pretty.
i need to go find out what agency she's in so i can look at more of her portfolio.
diggin' the hair, the makeup (especially the lipstick), her skin is flawless...gosh!
great cover for marie claire.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zoe Kravitz.

with ash stymest.
eleven paris.
spring 2011.
shot by: sune czajkowski.

this was just too amazing for me not to post! i usually try to avoid putting things like this on my blog because i feel that they are just a tad bit too overdone...but hey, i think this one is an exception to the rules. zoe kravitz is one of those girls that everybody secretly wants to be their best friend, just because she's so damn cool. you've gotta love her.
i really am in absolute awe over this because it reminds me of fun and happy times. times that i've shared with really close friends and other people in my life who are just down to party. i'm one for fun and adventure. i also like to mix it up a bit and have fun in new, exciting, and adventurous ways.
check it out! these are only a few of the images from the entire lookbook...its kinda too huge.
so, these are my faves.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bella Barber.

by: brooke coffey.
makeup: angela barton.
hair: eiji.

i have no idea what publication this comes from but i was able to find the photographer for you guys just in case you want to check out some more of brooke coffey's work...
brooke is pretty amazing let me tell ya.
so i was surfing the net trying to find model portraits that really stood out and out of the thirty or so that i was looking at in depth, this one really caught my attention. it's so striking and in your face. but i find that interesting because she is wearing lace which is often associated with being super feminine, ladylike, and delicate...but when you go in and add the makeup and hair you get this.!
bella also did a fantastic job in modeling.
this is sooo dope. the pictures just jump right out at you and you cannot help but stop and look at them.
as you can see, i'm really feeling this lol.
enjoy fashionistas.
gotta go do some homework.