Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vogue Italia.

vogue italy.
january 2011.
steven meisel.

holy shit! this is absolutely amazing. i am so fascinated and engaged by this meisel shoot. it's nods to seventies vintage style photography and styling is breath-taking. the modeling industry is the sector of fashion that i become more and more intrigued by every single day. without legit models, the clothes would be nothing. now some designers create outstanding pieces that can just look good on a hanger but models always add that extra touch of elegance and excellence that is needed to make the garments look even more spectacular.
i myself, if i don't end up going into design, would love to either open up my own, or work for an agency. i think that the talent that is out there currently has so much potential. i'm excited to see who the leading models of this decade will be.
well...we know karlie kloss and chanel iman are doing their thing.
and we all know i'm rootin' for them. lol.
well..i gotta go apply for college now.
toodles fashionistas.