Friday, January 14, 2011

Black Fire.

luisa bianchin.
shot by: karine basilio.
l'officiel brazil.

this is pretty rad, isn't it guys. the whole lace, mesh, sheer thing has been annoying me lately because i've become very sick of it...but this makes me like it again.
i think it's because she has red hair and we all know how much i dig that shit.
i love black clothes. no one looks bad in classic...slimming...yeah, love it.
i have quite a few "fashionista" friends who are always on my case about not ever wearing color and always being drawn towards darker/boring colors buuutttt, i'm just going to keep doing me.
the argument i hear against it for the most part is that it's nothing special, boring, too safe...not interesting...
i agree with some of those statements but i think that black is classic. it makes anyone and everyone look great..
so eff the haters.
who cares if i like wearing neutral colors...let me do me and you can go ahead and keep doing you.