Sunday, January 2, 2011

Iron Maiden.

oyster magazine.
by pierre touissant.
model: meghan collison.
december 2010.

soooo i try to find images that evoke some sort of feeling or point.
i'm really into finding new talent, (model wise) and this chick has been of interest to me for a little while now. i like her look. now, saying that, i wonder what it is about how females are portrayed in the world at large today. why is that looking "hard" or "tough" is so intriguing to all of us. i'm down with it sometimes but then i also yawn at some of the things i see where the focal point of a collection, magazine spread, or whatever it is, is the topic of young female rebellion.
why is that? i feel like a lot of people have lost an interest in trying to be wholesome or "lady-like."
why is everyone so hung up on trying to be so different? when they do that and strive to be something that they are not, they then end up losing themselves...
i mean look at television for example, the show on mtv Life as Liz, (which is an awesome show that i don't always see all the time) is focused on a girl who is a self proclaimed nerd and her life trying not to fit in.
do you ever notice how no one wants to be a cheerleader anymore, or the "popular girl"..
everyone wants to be some hippy artist or band geek, which is cool..but i wonder, why has that stigma changed so drastically??
i have so much more to say on this particular subject but i won't bore you with anymore of my rants lol.
new posts coming soon.
toodles guys. ;)

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