Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bella Barber.

by: brooke coffey.
makeup: angela barton.
hair: eiji.

i have no idea what publication this comes from but i was able to find the photographer for you guys just in case you want to check out some more of brooke coffey's work...
brooke is pretty amazing let me tell ya.
so i was surfing the net trying to find model portraits that really stood out and out of the thirty or so that i was looking at in depth, this one really caught my attention. it's so striking and in your face. but i find that interesting because she is wearing lace which is often associated with being super feminine, ladylike, and delicate...but when you go in and add the makeup and hair you get this.!
bella also did a fantastic job in modeling.
this is sooo dope. the pictures just jump right out at you and you cannot help but stop and look at them.
as you can see, i'm really feeling this lol.
enjoy fashionistas.
gotta go do some homework.