Saturday, January 15, 2011

Burberry Prorsum.

burberry prorsum.
christopher bailey.
fall 2011.

ohhhh boyysss! i've been trying to post more menswear stuff on my blog recently...i hope you've noticed lol. anyways i was looking at trends that are going on currently in men's fashion and a big thing that is happening right now, especially in europe, is guys sporting tons of color.
lol, what a coinky-dink that yesterday i posted on how much i love wearing black and neutrals and today i'm talking about how the fellas need to wear rainbow colors...interesting lol.
soooo teaming tons of bright and vibrant colors is really in don't have to follow the trends, buuuttt, i'm just sayin' i dig it.
i actually do like the idea of guys looking like the obnoxious clowns that they are lol.
juuussstt kidding.
sooo yeah, i picked some of the stills from the burberry show to show you guys as an example.
check it out.

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