Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Suburban Secrets.

kelsey van mook.
by: beau grealy.
fw 10.11.

sooo i think i found my style twin.
even though this probably isn't her real style or way of dressing, i would like to think it is.
a lot of people ask me daily to define my style for them...for me, it's kind of (well REALLY) hard to explain because it doesn't necessarily fit into one particular category. it sort of spills over into a few.
i'm pretty chill for the most part, i'm into the whole grungy thing but not in excess.
i like to look "put together" if that makes any sense. i also tend to lean towards classic i wear a ton of black..i like pearls, red lipstick, and oxfords.
i enjoy blazers quite a bit. i own a ton of them and i really want two more and then i'll finally be done purchasing them lol.
my style, to me, sort of REALLY mimics my whole personality. it's kind of quirky, out there, and fun...buuutt at the same time my color choices symbolize that i can also be serious..(well..sometimes lol)
soooo yeahh, i have no idea if that makes any sort of sense to you but i hope that it does.
tah-tah for now.
ohhh, whoops i forgot, i said a little while ago that i was going to start posting more of my personal outfit on here, i didn't they are indeed coming, just stay tuned.
ok now...let's try that again.
tah-tah for now fashionistas.! byyeee.

(the only thing i don't like about this is that leather orangey skirt thing on the third outfit, otherwise, i'd so wear everything else.)