Monday, May 21, 2012


barbara palvin.
tiger magazine.

ohhhh babs, why are you so pretty??


l'edito magazine.
spring/summer 2012.
by: urivaldo lopez.

do we love it....or do we love it?????

Kim Sung Jin.

hey guys. time for a new arrrtttt pooossstttt! yayyyyyy!!! 
so anyways, i'm not sure how many of you guys are familiar with this particular artist, but i'm here to tell you that you should be. =) he's from south korea and graduated from hongik university for fine art. his stuff is out of this world!!! he's a part of this whole photorealism thing going on right now. i must say, i really like this whole idea. the technicality that goes into making paintings like this in incredible!!! he paints things super close up and did this whole series on lips. great right!!? but please please please check this dude out. you won't be disappointed. 
alrighty fashionistas, i'll talk to you laterrr.
k bye.


calder kusmierski singer & alexandra marzella.
summer 2012.
photographer: daniel jackson.
oh my oh my!!! loves it! i've recently become more than fascinated with i-D magazine. i mean, don't get me wrong, i've always been down with their super cool content, covers, aaand editorials, but recently their editorial and styling team has been on a ROLL!!! look at this! i had a really hard time picking my favorite images, but i narrowed it down the best i could. check it ouuuutttt!
later gators!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Marcelina Sowa.

model: marcelina sowa.
grazia uk.
june 2012.
by: kevin sinclair.

waaaiiit a minute!! have you guys seen this??!?!?! it's so beautiful. i'm loving the whole desert setting with the amazing makeup and cool ass clothes. i also really dig how they used blondy marcelina to be in this particular setting. it's a nice contrast that works out pretty gosh darn well. and lets not forget about these clothesss!!!! be still my heart. i'm seeing a little cavalli, givenchy, and lanvin. look at the jewelry too. oohh man. lovesss iiittt!!


vika m.
factice magazine.
no. 13.
by: jenny brough.
heyyyy guyyysss!! i'm baaaacccckkk! i got out of school this week so now i'm back to blogging. your girl has been super busy lately doing all kinds of stuff plus working two jobs!! shoot me now lol. well, i thought i'd come to you guys real quick with this cover for factice mag. i really like it. what do you think?? new posts coming sooooonn.
ta-ta for now.
-morgs over and out.