Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Karlie Kloss.

karlie kloss.
"americana manhasset."

DID YOU GUYS SEE MY GIRL YET!???!! well if you haven't here she is on my blog ready for you to take a look. okay so i saw the "behind the scenes" pics for this shoot but when the actual photographs came out i was blown away. LOVE THEM! she just gets more amazing everytime i see her in something. and another thing, i'm really feeling this whole 1920s thing that everyone and their mom seems to be obsessed with these days. i usually don't fall for huge hypes like that but in this case, i'm just going to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon. fair enough?

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Lily Cole.

lily cole.
londres la reina de las tendencias.
s moda for el pais.
june 2012.
by: damon baker.

my girl lily is back in full effect!!!!! yayyyyy!!! gotta love her. alright, now i starred at this set of photographs for a long time and realized that i've missed seeing lily in stuff more than i thought. i mean she still works and everything but she used to be in EVERYTHING!!! my fashionistas will feel me on that one.
but anyway, she's got long lashes, decorated nails, and dark lips. >all things things that i've been seeing floating along the blogasphere in the past couple of months. i'm really feeling it. this really does truly capture the essence of "boho chic." you know? you've got amazing designer duds, LILY FREAKIN' COLE, and styling by alberto murtra that takes all of this to the next level. i'm really diggin' it. (as you can see lol). 
hope you guys like.
-morgan =)

Dazed & Confused.

"feed your head."
dazed & confused.
july 2012.
models: zen sevastyanova, katryn kruger, cora emmanuel, mackenzie drazen, madison hedrick, and maria bradley.
okay, okay shoot me now! i am the worst person in the world. i always feel like it hasn't been that long since i did a post until i look at the date in which i posted the last one. =/
whoops, sorry folks. but anyway, i found this and fell in love. 
the clothes are fantastic as well as the models. everything from gucci to prada, viktor & rolf, and louis vuitton!!!! i am in love! *-*
this whole collar thing is blowing up and i'm really into it at the moment. i love the styling here. it really enhances the colors as well as these chic collars. do you love or do you love it???!
well, i sure do.
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i'll talk to you later gators.
-morgs over and out. 


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chanel Resort 2013.

resort 2013.

alrighty folks, time for another fashion show review!!!!! (i know this is kinda late, but you'll live right??) okay, so if you've been a reader for awhile, you'll know that i'm a big fan of chanel, karl lagerfeld, and his whole gang. i like his influences and the way he thinks. nowww moving right along, this show was interesting. it was so strange to me at first that i had to go back and look at it about three more times to actually form an opinion. it's sort of a mix of french influences with a little hip-hop girlish lightness. kind of a weird mix if you ask me, but that's how i see it. i read somewhere that he was heavily influenced by M.I.A. for this collection, and after reading that i definitely could see that shining through within the clothes. 
the clothing itself was an interesting blend of light blue, white, pastels, ruffles, and metallic creepers. fun huh?? soooo it was cool because you've got this hodge podge of quirky clothing and the girls had these blunt banged short sassy haircuts with fierce makeup. it was allllll very fun and sweet to look at. but the thing that i really liked was how after i watched it again for the millionth time, i noticed that sooooooo many of the indivual pieces would work great with anyone's wardrobe. i can see so many different people mixing and matching things from this collection with things from their own wardrobes. it took awhile for me to narrow down the best looks from the show, but here's what i got. check out www.style.com for more still shot. 
toodle-loo fashionistas.
-morgan. =)

Exit Magazine.

exit magazine.

hey people!!! look what i found!!!! it's all of my favorite new models in one magazine!!!! ahhhhhh fashiongasm!!! *-*
look it's st. louis girl ehren dorsey (who i got the chance to meet!!!), katryn kruger, hailey clauson (who i am OBSESSED with), and the stunning mirte mass. this is awesome. these photographs are so fun to look at. hope you enjoy!!
-morgs over and out.

images via: www.models.com/

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm Your Little Harlot, Starlet.

"i'm your little harlot, starlet."
model: tanya.
style singapore.
may 2012.
photographer: wee khim.

whoa, what a title! hee-heee. but forreal, i like this. she has a really strong face...but i like it. and this shoot also is super fun. i'm a super fan of all of the clothes used here. lots of huge bellowy bottomed skirts and pants. fun fun fun! i don't necessarily see a particular story or theme when i look at this set of images but i do like them all as separates. i don't know, you tell me! 
here ya gooooo.

Shanina Shaik.

model: shanina shaik.
the sunday herald.
by: jeff hahn.

hey guys, this caught my eye and i JUST HADDD to show it to you guys. first of all, this girl is gorgeous....and the clothes and makeup are incredible. it's all very fun, poppy, bright, and summery but homegirl has a super serious look on her face hahaha.
i'm also just a huge fan of her freckles,....those are one of the many things that i like seeing on models. i think it adds something extra and interesting to their face. ya know?? 
anyways, i'm really digging the fuchsia, paisley, and that awesome sequined top. =D
alright ladies and gents, have a look for yourself. i'll holla at ya later.