Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lily Cole.

lily cole.
londres la reina de las tendencias.
s moda for el pais.
june 2012.
by: damon baker.

my girl lily is back in full effect!!!!! yayyyyy!!! gotta love her. alright, now i starred at this set of photographs for a long time and realized that i've missed seeing lily in stuff more than i thought. i mean she still works and everything but she used to be in EVERYTHING!!! my fashionistas will feel me on that one.
but anyway, she's got long lashes, decorated nails, and dark lips. >all things things that i've been seeing floating along the blogasphere in the past couple of months. i'm really feeling it. this really does truly capture the essence of "boho chic." you know? you've got amazing designer duds, LILY FREAKIN' COLE, and styling by alberto murtra that takes all of this to the next level. i'm really diggin' it. (as you can see lol). 
hope you guys like.
-morgan =)