Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shanina Shaik.

model: shanina shaik.
the sunday herald.
by: jeff hahn.

hey guys, this caught my eye and i JUST HADDD to show it to you guys. first of all, this girl is gorgeous....and the clothes and makeup are incredible. it's all very fun, poppy, bright, and summery but homegirl has a super serious look on her face hahaha.
i'm also just a huge fan of her freckles,....those are one of the many things that i like seeing on models. i think it adds something extra and interesting to their face. ya know?? 
anyways, i'm really digging the fuchsia, paisley, and that awesome sequined top. =D
alright ladies and gents, have a look for yourself. i'll holla at ya later.