Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bruna Tenorio.

model: bruna tenorio.
by: blair getz mezibov.
scmp style magazine.

howdy folks! i hope everyone had a phenomenal christmas. mine was pretty good. i actually got the beats by dre headphones that i was drooling over. i got the iphone 4s which i was TOTALLY not expecting, plus a bunch of clothes, money, and a great new bag. had a great time with the fam, friends, and the bf was with me for the majority of the evening. so everything was pretty cool. =)
so onto fashion, i found this and thought that this shoot has a very spiritual quality to it. i don't know why but every photograph is so striking. plus since i'm blasting music from the weeknd in the background, i think it's adding to the intenseness of the images LOL. i'm loving the mix of fur and leather with splashes of metals. it's just a great combination. anyways, check it out. more posts to come.
nighty night fashionistas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can't Decide.

i can't decide which one i like better.

fashion trend.
by: andrew o'toole.

november 2011.
by: alvin nguyen.

there's something about those blondes. especially ones with short haircuts.
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later gators.

Vogue Japan.

"candy kisses."
hailey clauson.
by: liz collins.
vogue japan beauty.
february 2012.

this is so gorgeous.

(if you want to actually hear me talk about stuff...=] )

Raquel Zimmermann.

raquel zimmermann.
by: david sims.
vogue paris.
december/january 2012.

well hey there folks. i have been working NONSTOP! if it wasn't for me calling in sick on sunday, i would've worked seven days in row!!!! holy shit! hurry up christmas and come. i realllyyy reaally hope santa brings me some red beats by dre headphones. that's all i want. but anyways, enough about me and onto the fashion!

sooooo raquel has done some reallyyyy sweet stuff recently. i remember posting an editorial she was in for vogue paris in october called "raquel & roll" which was AWESOME! she's never been one of my absolute favorite models but i'm starting to pay a lot more attention to her. i mean, i've posted tons of stuff she's been in before but lately, she's been catching my eye more than usual. she's sporting designer duds from armani, kenzo, givenchy, aaannd haider ackermann. loves it! hope you guys do too. anyways, check out my youtube channel and be sure to subscribe and email me for any requests. toodles fashionistas.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lady Gaga.

lady gaga.
the advocate.
august 2011 cover.

hello fashionistas. i had a HORRID day today. i woke up feeling super sick and couldn't even go to work. i spent the majority of the day running to the trashcan or laying in bed. ughhh, but i feel a little better now. THANK GOD. for the past couple hours i've been watching countless gaga interviews on the internet. i think in a week or so i'll be safe to say that i have seen almost every single video known to man-kind of lady gaga that's floating out there. i have truly become a super fan. i just got done painting a t-shirt that i thrifted the other day that now says 'little monster' on it.
it's so interesting how i've always said that i'd never worship or idolize another human being and i don't look to her as god or anything, but i have become obsessed with her, her music, her ideas, and her image. she's verrryyyy interesting if you ask me. you guys should check out the video on my youtube channel that i made for her. tweet it to her and maybe she'll see it. who knows.
anyways, here's one of my favorite covers she's ever done that came out a few months ago.
toodles litte monsters and fashionistas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Daga Zoiber.

by: sebastian kim.
vogue germany.
january 2012.

what a killer name! daga zoiber...come on people, that's a bomb ass name. haha, anyways look at this! i have become FASCINATED with movement in photography recently. there's something about it that makes the images realllyyyy come to life. i love it. it makes everything a lot more exciting and a thousand times more fun. the whole vibe in these pics is amazing. zoiber is sporting designer duds from ysl to tahari to tom ford. loves it!!!!
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thanks so much guys.

Vogue Taiwan.

model: josefien rodermans.
photographer: naomi yang.
"a cool girl."
vogue taiwan.
december 2011.

does she look like a cool kid? iiiiii think so.
now, i'm not gonna lie, i think this looks cool....buuutt i'm sorta kinda over this hipster cool kid thing. what about you guys? don't get me wrong, looks sweet but it's a little played out. let me know your opinion.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


model: kristy kaurova.
november 2011.
by: silja magg.

isn't this sick??!?!?! lovesss iiitttt! should have posted it last month when it was actually out. whoops! oh well, didn't see it then. =/

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pre-fall 2012.
karl lagerfeld.
images via:

well hello there. time for another fashion show review.

for this pre-fall collection, my boy karl wanted to focus in on one of the coolest countries out there right now, india. but what i find pretty sweet is that he's never even been there. he was quoted saying, "it's much more inspiring not to go places than to go." and you know what, i agree 100%. we grow up with these pre-conceived notions about certain places in the world that gives them this magical quality. it's always great to go to another place in the world, but once you've been there and seen it and just marks another place and stamp on your passport. and then, what happens when your fantasy doesn't live up to reality??? so yes travelling the world is awesome and seeing new places can change your life (like it did mine) but it really is much more inspiring to look at things from afar.

with that being said, this collection was nice. not my all time favorite, but it was nice. everything was very rich and screamed royalty. it totally looked like india but when chanel comes to town. ;) lots of gold, layering, head pieces, and beads. FABULOUUSS! every look that came down the runway looked like a walking/moving painting. every model, garment, and style was pieced perfectly together. take a look for yourself fashionistas. hope you enjoy.

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Kendra Spears.

kendra spears.
fall/winter 2011.
shot by: benny horne.

i've never heard of this chick before. i wonder if i've seen her in anything...probably have but just never noticed her. she's stunning. not that this is my favorite shoot in the world or anything but i think homegirl has a great look. check her ouuuuutttt!
-morgan. =)

Girls Who Look Like Boys.

girls who look like boys.
photography by: peter coulson.

well, well, well....this is interesting. i wish i posted more of my daily outfits but it's hard to find the time. so i do apologize for that, buuuttttt i'm sure you'll live. my style is one that is hard to define because it's kind of all over the place. but i will say that at times it can be a bit boyish. so when i was browsing around, this set of pictures caught my attention. is this what people think i look like??? i don't think so, but i guess to some i do. i find that i mix plenty of feminie elements into my daily dress. ehhh, i don't care either long as i'm being myself.
toodle-loo people of the world.

Dazed & Confused.

"put on a happy face."
dazed & confused.
october 2008.
by: daniel sannwald.

hello fashionistas! i'm in a good mood right now and i have no idea why.
but i always enjoy my happy days so i wanted to share my smiles with you!
(but invoke the world of fashion at the same time right?)
love & peace,

Friday, December 9, 2011

Alexander Straulino.

alexander straulino.

okay guys, so you all know if i ever find a legit new photographer or artist that i think is pretty epic, i always try and share them with you right? right! soooo i was browsing the net the other day and found this character. his photography is interesting because it zooms in on things in such a neat way. everything is always very graphic looking. and there's also a play on mixing fine photography with blurs. cool huh?
check this dude out.

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