Tuesday, December 13, 2011


pre-fall 2012.
karl lagerfeld.
images via: www.style.com

well hello there. time for another fashion show review.

for this pre-fall collection, my boy karl wanted to focus in on one of the coolest countries out there right now, india. but what i find pretty sweet is that he's never even been there. he was quoted saying, "it's much more inspiring not to go places than to go." and you know what, i agree 100%. we grow up with these pre-conceived notions about certain places in the world that gives them this magical quality. it's always great to go to another place in the world, but once you've been there and seen it and leave...it just marks another place and stamp on your passport. and then, what happens when your fantasy doesn't live up to reality??? so yes travelling the world is awesome and seeing new places can change your life (like it did mine) but it really is much more inspiring to look at things from afar.

with that being said, this collection was nice. not my all time favorite, but it was nice. everything was very rich and screamed royalty. it totally looked like india but when chanel comes to town. ;) lots of gold, layering, head pieces, and beads. FABULOUUSS! every look that came down the runway looked like a walking/moving painting. every model, garment, and style was pieced perfectly together. take a look for yourself fashionistas. hope you enjoy.

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