Monday, December 19, 2011

Lady Gaga.

lady gaga.
the advocate.
august 2011 cover.

hello fashionistas. i had a HORRID day today. i woke up feeling super sick and couldn't even go to work. i spent the majority of the day running to the trashcan or laying in bed. ughhh, but i feel a little better now. THANK GOD. for the past couple hours i've been watching countless gaga interviews on the internet. i think in a week or so i'll be safe to say that i have seen almost every single video known to man-kind of lady gaga that's floating out there. i have truly become a super fan. i just got done painting a t-shirt that i thrifted the other day that now says 'little monster' on it.
it's so interesting how i've always said that i'd never worship or idolize another human being and i don't look to her as god or anything, but i have become obsessed with her, her music, her ideas, and her image. she's verrryyyy interesting if you ask me. you guys should check out the video on my youtube channel that i made for her. tweet it to her and maybe she'll see it. who knows.
anyways, here's one of my favorite covers she's ever done that came out a few months ago.
toodles litte monsters and fashionistas.