Tuesday, February 28, 2012


mario sorrenti.
i was looking through old stuff that lara stone was in and this came up. ahh, march 2009. how fun.
not much to say about this...i'm just really captivated by everything going on in the pictures.

Ben Brough.

ben brough.
american artist.

hey guys. i haven't done an art post in awhile, so i thought that i would do one today. as most of your know i've been working at urban outfitters for the six months or so and there's a bunch of cool brands that are carried there. i was closing up the store about two days ago and wandered over into the men's department as saw a ben brough painting from the "skull series" on this graphic t-shirt and flipped out. i love this guy and don't know why i've never shared him with any of you. 
well, here i go. he's an american artist who is originally from california but raised in hawaii. he's completely self taught and has an interesting perspective on things. his work takes on a cubist approach but has all of the characteristics of almost child-like arts and crafts. he uses a ton of great colors and really digs into the nitty-gritty of human emotions and characteristics. i really enjoy his stuff. you guys should google him and check this dude out further. here are just a few of his paintings that i thought you would enjoy.
until next time fashion friends.
-morgan, over and out. =)

images via: www.ar4t.com/

Karlie Kloss.

vogue us.
march 2012.
photographer: mario sorrenti.
stylist: camilla nickerson.

oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! my karlie posts are baaacckk! i think i went the whole month of february without doing a single post on her. hmm...but then again, i think i better check just to make sure. but i know i've been conscious of not always constantly bombarding you guys with my posts on her. but here she is. back on my blog again. she looks phenomenal. i cannot wait to get my march 2012 issue of vogue now. these are awesome photographs. love her, love the colors, love the photographs, styling, lighting. good job vogue us team for making my girl look amazing..as usual. =)

i've been seeing a ton of purple, green, and pleating recently girls. so look out for those things in the stores to incorporate into your spring wardrobe.
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James Franco.

james franco.
gq style.
spring/summer 2012.
photographer: mariano vivanco.

okay, i HAD to post this! only because james franco is MY MAANNN! i'm not too sure if i've ever posted anything with him in it before, but just so you guys know...i truly am in love with this man. i can safely say that i would leave ANY guy on this planet just for him. oh mr. franco, when are you going to finally propose to me?? 
haha, have fun starring at this cover for the next five hours fashionista friends.
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Huge Magazine.

alexey galetskiy.
huge magazine.
spring/summer 2012.
photographer: terry richardson.

haaa, this is fun!


frida giannini.
fall 2012.
milan fashion week.

okay folks. you've GOTTA peep this. i just can't get over how excited i am for the clothes and styles that are going to be out next fall. every city, so far, has had a great fashion week. so the gucci show really captured my attention in milan. my girl frida and her team really did the damn thing this time. it was a very romantic collection...but it was sooo extremely dark. i loved the combination. it seemed to have some elements of menswear in there with the strong stern tailoring from some pieces but then sort of gloomy and romantic with the flower details. i am so enjoying this usage of black, dark purple, and emerald green that we're seeing internationally in so many designers color palettes for their collections. do you guys like that?? i sure do. anyways, i'm sure gucci customers are going to be running to the stores to pick up their gowns and jackets from this collection full of all this dark glamour and all its glory. 
have fun looking through my favorite still shots from the show.
talk to you guys later.
-morgan, over and out =)

images via: http://www.fabsugar.com/Gucci-Runway-Fall-2012-21873901?slide=45

Ehren Dorsey.

ehren dorsey.
amica magazine.
pictures via: mothermodelmanagement.

hey guys! okay, so if you guys remember a few months back when i introduced you to this new comer. i love her! she's so gorgeous. i got the pleasure to meet her at stl fashion week, I GOT TO TELL HER WHERE HER SEAT WAS! eeekk. and she was soooo nice. i was excited, i love meeting people that i admire who are super sweet. anyways, i saw these new pictures that she's in for amica magazine and i literally flipped shit! she's got this amazing quality to her that i enjoy more than anyone will ever know. all the other chicks seriously need to look out for this girl right here because i can only see her career getting bigger and bigger. can't you? anyways, enjoy these photographs. and be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it! =) 
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okie dokie, toodles people.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Johnathan Saunders.

johnathan saunders.
fall 2012.
london fashion week.

i want it all....ALL OF IT! if i could dress like this every day of my life, i so would! lfw, has really been impressing me, i must say. but this collection. woo-wee. it's so much fun. so many colors, so many prints, great texture, ahhhh it's just all to die for. there's this equestrian nature to it all that i'm obsessed with. and again, this show has a red lip but it's a brighter more fun one. so ladies, be sure to head on over to your local mac counter to pick up your new red lipsticks for next fall. so let me tell ya, the colors are impeccable. you've got emerald greens, fun reds, and grays mixed in with a whole lot of other fun stuff. there's also these great horizontal stripped sweaters that i would kill for. the necklines are fun because they're either super high colors or really low plunging v-necks, but very flattering on the models' frames. eeeek, i truly could go on and on about how much i love this but i won't bore you with my rambling any longer. so here are my favorite looks from the show, hope you like them.

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Thiago Santos.

model: thiago santos.
gq france.
march 2012.
shot by: bruno staub.

oh my lord jesus in heaven, i think i found my future husband. isn't he gorgeous!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Joan Smalls.

joan smalls.
pop magazine.
via: fashioncopious.

dude, my girl joan smalls is ALL OVER THE PLACE NOWADAYS! i'm so happy for her. she's really blown up and gotten so big within the past few months. i see her everywhere!!

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Jeneil Williams.

"a new beginning."
styleby magazine.
spring 2012.
photographer: tony kim.
hey fashion friends, i wanted to show you this chick. isn't she absolutely gorgeous!!! i'm going to keep a look out for her because she's got a nice look to her that i think i'll enjoy in future editorials. what do you guys think??
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Nicole Farhi.

nicole farhi.
fall 2012.
london fashion week.
images via fashiongonerogue.

well howdy there folks. this weekend has been so chill and relaxing for me. i got good hours at work so i didn't have to come in too early or stay too late. i've just been taking some time out for myself to calm down and not be thrown around like a rag-doll with my busy schedule. there's so many good collections that i've seen so far from new york and london. eeekk! i decided to spread out my reviews for them. and besides, this stuff isn't going to be out for a lonnng time anyways, so you'll be okay not to have my perspective for a little bit, right?? lol.
okay, so nicole farhi is not someone who i think i've ever blogged about but for this season, I HAD TO! omfg, i literally do not have one negative thing to say about this entire collection. seriously. everything was so chic and sophisticated with this dark feel to it, and the models just wreaked of classic elegance. loved it! there were these mustard green/yellow colors, light grays, black, and white with dark red lipstick to top it all off. it was seriously impeccable. the fabrics went from this crazy shiny fringe, to to sequins. oh my lord and the tailoring was to die for! great silhouettes, great models, great concept....you know what fashionistas, this show get two thumbs up from me. so here's my favorite looks from the show. hope you like.
oh and my sister and i finally filmed a youtube video together, so you can go check that out. toodles!