Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ehren Dorsey.

ehren dorsey.
amica magazine.
pictures via: mothermodelmanagement.

hey guys! okay, so if you guys remember a few months back when i introduced you to this new comer. i love her! she's so gorgeous. i got the pleasure to meet her at stl fashion week, I GOT TO TELL HER WHERE HER SEAT WAS! eeekk. and she was soooo nice. i was excited, i love meeting people that i admire who are super sweet. anyways, i saw these new pictures that she's in for amica magazine and i literally flipped shit! she's got this amazing quality to her that i enjoy more than anyone will ever know. all the other chicks seriously need to look out for this girl right here because i can only see her career getting bigger and bigger. can't you? anyways, enjoy these photographs. and be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it! =) 
i've got new videos up like every other day now so i'm uploading pretty regularly now. check it outtt.
okie dokie, toodles people.