Friday, February 10, 2012


model: cara delevingne.
february 2012.
shot by: alexei hay.

hi guys. i'm at school right now. i've got a little bit of free time until my next class so i thought i'd go ahead and post something for you guys. so yesterday i had to help out at this photoshoot. i got there at about 10:45ish in the morning and didn't get out of there until like NINE O'CLOCK AT NIGHT! holy hell! it was fun though. then i came home and accidentally passed out, but luckily i woke up early because i had to study for this philosophy test (that i just finished). i think, i did pretty good on it actually, it wasn't as hard as i expected, but then again, i've always liked philosophy so taking a class on it really isn't all too difficult for me. sooo anyways, fashion week in the big apple started yesterday. be prepared for a lot of great reviews from me in the near future. i always love the fall shows, so hopefully this season is going to be cool. *fingers crossed*. 
anyways, i found this spread for jalouse magazine a few days ago, i thought i posted it, but i guess not. so here it is. it's really strange to me. i can't decide whether or not i like it -especially the cover- but however, you can't deny that it is somewhat interesting to look at....right? so yeah, it's got this kiddy, eery, quirky, mad feeling to it. can't describe it in one word, but hopefully you catch my drift. then how she has magazine clippings of celebrities stuck to her it kind of a conversation piece. i'm getting that our celebrity driven culture and obsession plays a huge role in what we wear and we idolize these people like crazy. so uhh yeah. 
everybody go on over to my youtube channel and subscribe! i'm planning on posting a new video today to hopefully you'll enjoy that. talk to you later fashion friends.
-morgs over and out =)