Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Karlie Kloss.

vogue us.
march 2012.
photographer: mario sorrenti.
stylist: camilla nickerson.

oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! my karlie posts are baaacckk! i think i went the whole month of february without doing a single post on her. hmm...but then again, i think i better check just to make sure. but i know i've been conscious of not always constantly bombarding you guys with my posts on her. but here she is. back on my blog again. she looks phenomenal. i cannot wait to get my march 2012 issue of vogue now. these are awesome photographs. love her, love the colors, love the photographs, styling, lighting. good job vogue us team for making my girl look amazing..as usual. =)

i've been seeing a ton of purple, green, and pleating recently girls. so look out for those things in the stores to incorporate into your spring wardrobe.
check out my youtube channel later on today or tomorrow.
i'm currently uploading my wardrobe essentials video. be sure to check it out.
more posts and all things classic, elite, and with a bit of edge are coming your way soon.