Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marc Jacobs.

marc jacobs.
fall 2012.
images via: fashiongonerogue.

hello again. i thought i'd do more than one post today if that's alright with you. 
i just can't get this marc jacobs show out of my mind. it was BANANAS! so my boy marc teamed up with incredible milliner extraordinaire stephen jones so create this wild and crazy of a show. it was pretty interesting. it had this alice in wonderland gone mad feel to it that really wasn't what i was expecting from him this season...but then again in fashion you should always expect the unexpected. so anyways, this show was filled with fun boufant hats that were a big attention grabber. there were also huge skirts, whimsical fabrics, and bulky layers. the color pallette was all over the place but still some how managed to flow cohevisvly. there were greens to pinks, to lilacs, to golds. it was just a magical fairy fun land. 
even though everything seemed to be kind of hodge-podge and thrown together in an interesting way for the runway, i can however see some pieces selling very well. a few of the shawls, coats, and pants were very wearable once you break them away from the mad frenzy of styling that was going on. did i personally like the show? wasn't my favorite but it was fun to look was exciting. i liked it...sorta kinda, but it didn't make me want to pee in my pants over it. got it??? (hope that made some ounce of sense). anywho fashion friends, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for new videos. if you have any requests please let me know! i'll talk to you guys laterr.
-morgan. =)