Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ben Brough.

ben brough.
american artist.

hey guys. i haven't done an art post in awhile, so i thought that i would do one today. as most of your know i've been working at urban outfitters for the six months or so and there's a bunch of cool brands that are carried there. i was closing up the store about two days ago and wandered over into the men's department as saw a ben brough painting from the "skull series" on this graphic t-shirt and flipped out. i love this guy and don't know why i've never shared him with any of you. 
well, here i go. he's an american artist who is originally from california but raised in hawaii. he's completely self taught and has an interesting perspective on things. his work takes on a cubist approach but has all of the characteristics of almost child-like arts and crafts. he uses a ton of great colors and really digs into the nitty-gritty of human emotions and characteristics. i really enjoy his stuff. you guys should google him and check this dude out further. here are just a few of his paintings that i thought you would enjoy.
until next time fashion friends.
-morgan, over and out. =)

images via: www.ar4t.com/