Monday, February 13, 2012

Alexander Wang.

alexander wang.
fall 2012.
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hello fashionistaaas!!! this past fashion week has been interesting. i can't wait to see what the other cities have to offer. i can feel a real sense of designers trying to push more futuristic and innovative fabric, styles, and shapes into their collections. ....eeeek, it's pretty exciting (especially for someone who isn't so afraid of change in clothing). i was trying to decide who i should do a post on first,...and after much debate, i thought i'd go ahead and talk about mr. wang. 
now alexander wang is someone who i've admired for awhile now but never been completely blown away except for like one of his shows like three seasons ago, but you get my point. recently, my love for him has sort of drizzled down into this sea of no return,....until i saw this new collection for fall 2013. i was amazed. i really liked it. i felt as though he wasn't desperately trying to be cool and edgy, but let his inner design genius just speak for itself. everything was cohesive, well thought out, and put together brilliantly. i really enjoyed it. there was a great play on texture with puffy vests, to almost oil-slick looking details, to leather, to shiny manipulated coats....ahhh pure magnificence. it was a pretty dark color pallet for the most part. the show started with two white looks and then drifted off into black and deep maroon. quite a few awesome bags and shoes in the mix as well. i really liked this you guys, so be sure to check it out whenever you get a chance. here's my favorite looks from the show.

-morgan =)