Monday, August 29, 2011

Into the Wild.

"into the wild."
fiasco magazine.
august 2011.
photographer: nicolas guerin.

i'm loving this style of photography right now. this shoot is so cool. they look so creepy and dope as hell at the same time. i think the clothes, hair, and makeup really pop. the white background also helps a lot too. soo uhhh yeah, i like this. go SUBSCRIBE to my youtube. toodles.


matiussi men.
spring/summer 2012.
by: alexandre matiussi.

well fellas, i know this stuff isn't going to be cool until approximately 7+ months from now, but i suppose it's good to have a little heads up, right? and besides, i found this and since i have a fascination with menswear, i figured i should go ahead and post this stuff now. okie dokie. this ad campaign isn't crazy or anything, it's very simple and stuff that you'd probably see your average cool guy sporting. i'll post the link so you can see the entire selection of photos, but i'm just showing you guys my favorite ones. alrighty, well...don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Raquel Zimmerman.

josh olins.
i-D magazine.
pre-fall 2011.

this is awesome. i love the editing overlay thing that they did to these images. ahhhh, fantastic. raquel looks great, the clothes look great,...hell i FEEL great. this is all just great lol. enjoy the pickies.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Into the Spotlight.

saskia de brauw.
vogue japan.
september 2011.
by: mikael jansson.

well hello there ladies and gents. soooo today was my third day of school, and wasn't so bad. the only bad thing is that i'm trying to balance work and school. now THAT is the hard part. i only had one class today, then i had to go work for like 6 hours. theeennn i had to go back up to school to make copies from this stupid textbook for one of my classes...theeenn i had to go get some extra school supplies..come internet land for world news...and then find something to blog about as i sit here procrastinating on starting my homework. this blogging thing is going to be a challenge...BUT, i think that i can do it to it ;)
haha. anyways, i hope you all like this editorial that i picked for today. polka-dots seem to be catching everyone's eye. so, here's a cool way to style them. i'm also a fan of her super epic hair cut, AMAZING!
sooo uhhh yeah. i like how she's just chillin, looks kinda mad, pretty bored...ya know, the complete and total opposite of me right now haha. any who fashionistas, i gotta get goin'. but i promise more posts are on the way. don't forget to CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE!

via: fashioncopious.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vogue Russia.

vogue russia.
photograher: victor demarchelier.
hair stylist: didier malige.
makeup: yadim carranza.

whooaaa!!! do you guys see this amazing hair??!?!? so, i guess the new thing in editorials these days is colorful hair. i guess i missed the memo. but it seems to be popping up all over the place. i like it. it puts an interesting spin on things. wonder if i'll ever venture off into a crazy hair color. ....well i do remember at one point in time i did want a royal blue streak in the back of my i don't think that i would ever do that, but hey, you never know. hope you guys like this as much as i do.
byeee fashionistas. until next time.

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Emma Watson.

emma watson.
pre-fall 2011.
photographer: mariano vivanco.

do you ever see a celebrity who you'd just love to be friends with? someone who seems so genuine, smart, and kind? well, i've posted on emma watson before and ever since i saw the last harry potter movie, i've become fascinated with her. she's sooo cute. i definitely think that she's come into her own recently, and i love it. i'm not a die hard fan of hers or anything but i do admire her. she seems like a pretty cool chick. anyways, i love this picture. makes me want to put on a sparkly outfit and take pics of me and my dog. lol.

NY Times Magazine.

"beautiful minds."
models: kinga rajzak, sonia dara, and jane randall.
by: angela penetta.

well....i start my first day of school
you know, i'm not excited or bummed  out either...just kind of indifferent. maybe because of all the constant drama, me wanting to move to NY right away this year, my parents,...and all that jazz forcing me to stay home and go to a local university this year while all my friends are away at different schools has caused me to feel pretty blahhh about the subject. i mean, i hope it's fun but it won't in any way shape or form be a real college experience. it kind of sucks but oh well. all i can do now is focus on making sure my grades are up to par and not spend any money so that i can actually get out of the  lou. sooo, i guess i'll live my "college experience/dorm life" through facebook this year. class hasn't even started for most people and i can already predict that half of my buddies won't make it through first semester haha. ahhh youth.
anyways, i'll talk to you guys laatterrr. toodles.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zuzanna Bijoch.

zuzanna bijoch.
vogue paris.
septebmer 2011.
photographed by: josh olins.

ahhh don't you guys love september issues? all the cool stuff finally comes out. i always enjoy looking at the clothes that were on the runways months ago actually being styled by magazines. this editorial in particular is sweet because i'm just in love with how zuzanna was photographed. she looks awesome. stellar stuff vogue paris team!

Anne Hathaway.

anne hathaway.
interview magazine.
september 2011.
by: mert & marcus.

did you guys see this!?!?!?! what a different side of anne huh? i like it.
i wasn't a huge fan of the rest of pics in this shoot that made it inside the magazine, but that cover is off the chain!!! =D
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dazed & Confused.

ehren dorsey.
dazed & confused.
september 2011.

wowww, finally some new stl talent!!!! ALRIGHT! this makes me excited. ehren is a part of mother model managment. yaaa know,....i want to see if i can possibly intern with them because they tend to always have the best girls. anyways, i was really excited when i saw this. i really like her look. not so much the clothes in this editorial but more of her presence and how she photographs. oh aaaand the piercings. haven't yet decided if i'm going to go get some more today or tomorrow..ehh who knows. anyways, check this chick out. i hope she blows up.
(and by the way, the first pic is only the one from dazed&confused, the other ones are shot by attilio d'agostino who i've had the pleasure of actually meeting multiple times =) )


maddie kulicka.
vogue russia.
september 2011.
by: emma tempest.

ahhh this put me in an even better mood than i was already in. i enjoy smiling =D
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Karmen Pedaru.

karmen pedaru.
"punk spirit."
interview magazine.
by: aaron de may & eugene souleiman.

alright, this is cool...this is cool. so in my recent youtube video, ...WHICH ALL OF YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT! i talked about how the whole glam rock/rocker chic thing is coming back this season and how i don't really like it when others mimic it or try to pull it off and it's not really their true style. i think that certain genres aren't really fun to look at people tamper with because it looks so off sometimes..i don't know..that's just my opinion. anyways, this shoot is awesome. it really does have a cool punk edge to it but maintains qualities of color and fun. sweeeeeett. so check it outtt. byyeeee.

Karmen Pedaru.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sasha Pivovarova.

sasha pivovarova.
fall 2011.

i really enjoy looking at h&m lookbooks...mainly because i can actually afford the stuff in them and will probably purchase half of it in the near future. after revamping my closet a little while ago, i realized that about 65% of the stuff in there is from h&m. god, i love that store. anyways, i also really liked this lookbook in particular because sasha looks so happy. it's nice to see her looking light and fresh every now and then. eeekk, i'm sooo excited for fall and this makes me even more stoked. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE TO IT. I JUST RECENTLY POSTED A FALL TRENDS VIDEO, SO CHECK IT OUUTTTTT.
 kay, bye guys.

via fashiongonerogue.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Schon Magazine.

maritza veer.
schon magazine.
photographer: tiziano magni.

i really really like this.

oh and by the way, make sure you go check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it. i just posted a fall/winter trends video for 2011/2012...sooo check that out. thaankksss.

Friday, August 5, 2011


autumn 2011.

ohh boyysss! so, i'm sure many of you are aware of my fascination with menswear clothing. that's why every once in awhile i really do like to put up posts to help guys be stylish. soo uhh yeah. i love topman stuff. it's all verryyy british, but hey, still cool right? i love it all. it's so my style. so by looking at this i can definitely say that fitted pants, prints, sweaters, and the mixing of textures is going to be what's hot for this season coming up. yep. that's all i have to sayyy. toodle-loo.

Topman A '11 Look Book

Lindsey Wixon.

pre-fall 2011.
photographer: terry richardson.

soooo, i used to put a lot of images on my blog with LW in them...but idk, recently i haven't really seen stuff that i really like with her in it. buutttt, let me tell ya folks, i like this one. it's so fun. i knew it was her when i saw it,...but then i wasn't really sure that it was. after looking it up, i confirmed it lol. she never takes fun little quirky pictures like that. i love this. i kinda want to take a picture like this of myself. i think it's a pretty fun concept. what do you guys think??

Monday, August 1, 2011

Anais Mali.

by: raymond meir & elissa santini.
styling: charlie welch.
makeup: lisa houghton.
hair: kamo.

hey guys, what's going on? i'm off work today so i'm in a reaalllyyy good mood.
and i'm also in the mood of doing blog posts with more color in them because my blog seems sort of blahh, drab, and colorless yeah. accessories. i've always been one who wasn't really too into accessories but now i think i like them. but, they have to be done in the right way. i think that a great bag or some sweet statement shoes will make an outfit look amazing! anyways, i'll let the pics speak for themselves. oh and another little tid bit for you guys, as you can see, 60s and 70s influences are gonna be HUGE for this season..just sayin'. anyways have a good one guys.