Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dazed & Confused.

ehren dorsey.
dazed & confused.
september 2011.

wowww, finally some new stl talent!!!! ALRIGHT! this makes me excited. ehren is a part of mother model managment. yaaa know,....i want to see if i can possibly intern with them because they tend to always have the best girls. anyways, i was really excited when i saw this. i really like her look. not so much the clothes in this editorial but more of her presence and how she photographs. oh aaaand the piercings. haven't yet decided if i'm going to go get some more today or tomorrow..ehh who knows. anyways, check this chick out. i hope she blows up.
(and by the way, the first pic is only the one from dazed&confused, the other ones are shot by attilio d'agostino who i've had the pleasure of actually meeting multiple times =) )