Sunday, August 21, 2011

NY Times Magazine.

"beautiful minds."
models: kinga rajzak, sonia dara, and jane randall.
by: angela penetta.

well....i start my first day of school
you know, i'm not excited or bummed  out either...just kind of indifferent. maybe because of all the constant drama, me wanting to move to NY right away this year, my parents,...and all that jazz forcing me to stay home and go to a local university this year while all my friends are away at different schools has caused me to feel pretty blahhh about the subject. i mean, i hope it's fun but it won't in any way shape or form be a real college experience. it kind of sucks but oh well. all i can do now is focus on making sure my grades are up to par and not spend any money so that i can actually get out of the  lou. sooo, i guess i'll live my "college experience/dorm life" through facebook this year. class hasn't even started for most people and i can already predict that half of my buddies won't make it through first semester haha. ahhh youth.
anyways, i'll talk to you guys laatterrr. toodles.