Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Into the Spotlight.

saskia de brauw.
vogue japan.
september 2011.
by: mikael jansson.

well hello there ladies and gents. soooo today was my third day of school, and wasn't so bad. the only bad thing is that i'm trying to balance work and school. now THAT is the hard part. i only had one class today, then i had to go work for like 6 hours. theeennn i had to go back up to school to make copies from this stupid textbook for one of my classes...theeenn i had to go get some extra school supplies..come internet land for world news...and then find something to blog about as i sit here procrastinating on starting my homework. this blogging thing is going to be a challenge...BUT, i think that i can do it to it ;)
haha. anyways, i hope you all like this editorial that i picked for today. polka-dots seem to be catching everyone's eye. so, here's a cool way to style them. i'm also a fan of her super epic hair cut, AMAZING!
sooo uhhh yeah. i like how she's just chillin, looks kinda mad, pretty bored...ya know, the complete and total opposite of me right now haha. any who fashionistas, i gotta get goin'. but i promise more posts are on the way. don't forget to CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE!

via: fashioncopious.