Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bruna Tenorio.

model: bruna tenorio.
by: blair getz mezibov.
scmp style magazine.

howdy folks! i hope everyone had a phenomenal christmas. mine was pretty good. i actually got the beats by dre headphones that i was drooling over. i got the iphone 4s which i was TOTALLY not expecting, plus a bunch of clothes, money, and a great new bag. had a great time with the fam, friends, and the bf was with me for the majority of the evening. so everything was pretty cool. =)
so onto fashion, i found this and thought that this shoot has a very spiritual quality to it. i don't know why but every photograph is so striking. plus since i'm blasting music from the weeknd in the background, i think it's adding to the intenseness of the images LOL. i'm loving the mix of fur and leather with splashes of metals. it's just a great combination. anyways, check it out. more posts to come.
nighty night fashionistas!