Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alessandra Ambrosio.

alessandra ambrosio.
winter 2011.
photographer: chad pitman.

hello lovelies! i have two more presentations and one bs paper to write, and i am officially done with my first semester as a college student. i look like crap (literally) and i haven't slept in almost two whole days. shoot me now! anyways, since i have a little time until my public speaking class i decided to do a blog post since i've been slackin'. 
anywayss...i know a bunch of you guys saw the victoria's secret fashion show a couple days ago. i only turned it on because my boy kanye was performing and karlie kloss graced the runway. otherwise, i typically don't get too hype about it. ....i mean i'll watch, but won't be sad if i missed it. anyways, enough rambling. i saw these pics of alessandra earlier today and just HAD to show them to you guys. LOOK AT HER! i guess vs angels really can do high fashion after all. never in a million years would i have ever expected her of all people to do something like this. i love it though. looks great. what do you guys think???
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later gators.