Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lady Gaga.

lady gaga.
elle uk.
january 2011.
by: matt irwin.

have you all been paying attention to my girl gagalicious lately!?!?! she's on fire!!!! can't wait to see her perform tomorrow and then the marry the night video airs on thursday!! yayyyyy. so pumped. i still have to wait until tuesday when i get my paycheck to buy her terry richardson book, but it's all good because since i'm an employee at urban during employee appreciation, that book is gonna be cheeeaaappp!! so stoked! anyways, here is her double cover for elle uk. i really like it. irwin did a good job of figuring out very pleasant angles for her face. i approve. anyways, back to trying to fall asleep. more posts as soon as i'm done with these projects, just have had time fashionistas...sorryy! but, gotta go.
toodles. until next time.