Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Awful Big Adventure.

kirsi pyrhonen
vogue uk.
december 2011.
photographed by: tim walker.
styled by: kate phelan.

this is an amazing title for this. it fits so extremely well. i often like when photographers and magazine editors decide to do shoots that tell somewhat of a story. this one definitely does. it's so interesting to look at. that's pretty much why i decided to add all of the pictures that i did because it better conveys the message using more than less of them. and besides, this was a lengthy shoot to begin with. but i like it. the colors, her hair standing up on top of her head, the crisp photography...UGGGH! need i say more?!? this is truly incredible. but besides all of that, the clothes are pretty epic. i'm loving the fact that such bright/rich/vibrant colors are in style this fall and winter. 
okie dokie, so go ahead and look at this for yourself. aannnd, most importantly DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE, I JUST POSTED A VIDEO ON FINDING YOUR INNER CREATIVITY. I PROMISE YOU'LL LIKE IT.
anyways, got to go.