Friday, November 11, 2011

Victoria Wallace.

victoria wallace.
by: conan thai.

okay i promised a few days ago that i was going to hold off on the black and white posts, buuttt i think since it's been over a week that you can forgive me.
i just really like them....sorry =/
especially this one! i love this! i could actually see myself taking silly pictures like this with my sister.
i want to do my hair like this, my makeup like this, and wear all of the clothes that she has on. lol. you've got to admit that she looks pretty snazzy right?
anyways, check out the youtube channel for vlogs and outfit of the day videos. if you have any requests for videos, be sure to send me requests via my email address. it's on the side of the page but here ya go anyway.

-toodles guys.
morgan =)