Friday, November 11, 2011

Johan Andersson.

johan andersson.

hello ladies and gents, i think this is going to be the last post of the day...but the coolest one.
i believe last year i introduced you all to my favorite artist, this swedish guy is young, innovative, deep, and kind of poetic through his paintings. i am in absolute LOVE with everything that he does. he reaches inside of people and pulls out all things vulnerable, happy, joyful, insecure and beautiful. his stuff could honesty make me cry if i were to be surrounded by it for awhile. besides gaga and kanye....he's definitely someone who i would just dieee to meet. his work is incredible. so here are some of his more recent paintings. hope you guys like this as much as i do.
au'revoir fashionistas.
-morgan signing out.

imperfect perfection.

reasons to smile.

beyond the flood.

images via artnet.