Friday, November 4, 2011

Anja Rubik.

anja rubik.
i-D magazine.
by: david bailey.

isn't this cuuuttee! fun covers are my favorite. but you guys should know that by now. this is actually going to be 1 of the 6 collectible covers that i-D is doing. this issue revolves around those ladies out there obsessed with fitness and keeping their body right. too bad i don't fall into that lovely category. i really have tried to lay out a plan for me to get back into shape, but in all honesty....i'm just too lazy to do anything right now lol. i don't feel like running, jumping, sprinting, doing push-ups, yoga, pilates.....NOTHIN'.  all i want to do is eat chips and drink soda all day. i know, it's horrible but it's the truth. i guess it's good that i'm only 18 and the fat really hasn't accumulated thaaatt bad. however i do see a difference in my physical appearance, but who cares. 

anyways, check out my youtube channel. there won't be any new videos on there for a week or so since the recent crashing of my beloved computer....but you can go watch all the 35 other ones i've posted in the mean time. email me any requests you might have.
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