Friday, November 18, 2011

Lookbook Faves.

hello boys and girls.
i was having trouble finding something to post for you today that fit into my level of taste....aaannd nothing jumped out at me. soo, i decided to go on lookbook (since i haven't been there in awhile) and check out some of my favorite people on there. i think that after going through the small list of those that i actually do follow on there, it really shows that they're all a mesh of what i'd consider my true style to be. if i had an unlimited amount of money and an even bigger closet....i'd definitely have everything that these people do at my finger-tips. but since i'm broke as a joke, i guess i'll just settle with what i do currently have. enjoy! and check these folks out.

just visit my lookbook page and it will take you to all of these lovelies.