Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zoe Kravitz.

with ash stymest.
eleven paris.
spring 2011.
shot by: sune czajkowski.

this was just too amazing for me not to post! i usually try to avoid putting things like this on my blog because i feel that they are just a tad bit too overdone...but hey, i think this one is an exception to the rules. zoe kravitz is one of those girls that everybody secretly wants to be their best friend, just because she's so damn cool. you've gotta love her.
i really am in absolute awe over this because it reminds me of fun and happy times. times that i've shared with really close friends and other people in my life who are just down to party. i'm one for fun and adventure. i also like to mix it up a bit and have fun in new, exciting, and adventurous ways.
check it out! these are only a few of the images from the entire lookbook...its kinda too huge.
so, these are my faves.