Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Christian Dior.

fall 2010.
john galliano.

okie dokie ladies and gents, sooo here i go again talking about dior. if you haven't realized it yet, i am a HUGE fan. so anyways this couture show was amazing. it was really cool to see. i meant to post it the day it was but ya know, shit happens... heee hee.
so it was colorful, very vibrant, and anything but boring. all of the clothes were inspired by flowers and they had a tulip-y shape to them. it was pretty awesome, let me tell ya.
idk you guys, i could probably write a fifteen page paper on this show because there were so many cool things in it but i'm not going to bore you so i guess i'll go ahead and wrap this talking thing up. lol.
there was just great makeup, wonderful ruffling, draping, color, and great detailing that i just found soo captivating.
alright, i'll probably do another post today...if i feel like it. tah-tah for now guys. ;)

sorry this post was kinda long. but you love it though ;)