Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dreaming of Another World.

vogue italia.
march 2011.
guinevere van seenus.
photographed by: tim walker.
styled by: jacob k.

wow, this is perplexing. dreams are so fascinating. i always wonder what goes on inside of the deepest layer of one's mind when they drift off into slumber. what really happens in there.? what scares them, makes them smile, or truly happy. dreams can take shape in a variety of forms and mean so many different things. i've always been piqued and amused by dreams and how you can close your eyes and drift off into a world that only takes place within the freedom of a person's subconscious imagination. it's enchanting to think about, isn't it? but can also take a dark form...and even be quite scary. but isn't that the magic of it all.

the fashion spot.