Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hailey Clauson.

t style.
spring 2011.
by: walter pfieffer.

so, i wasn't too much a fan for this particular editorial, but i did however like this individual picture. i'm not too much of a feminist guys, but i feel that photos like these are meant to convey some sort of point. and even if they aren't there are still very critical eyes out there (like myself) who really like to look at things intensely and over analyze them. women are meant to be beautiful submissive creatures who do nothing but look good, get married, have kids, and remain youthful, cook, clean, and the whole nine...well, that stigma has changed some bit since we are in 2011 now lol, but i feel that there still are a lot of people out there who still perceive women in that light. it sucks, but it's the truth. i honestly think that that is okay if a chick chooses to live a life like that, just as long as no one is forcing her to do so, it's alright with me.
a couple months ago i ran across this guy, and he has no idea, but i would probably give him the world if he asked for it. i never was that girl who wanted to EVER get married or EVER have kids, but with him i actually saw that possibility even though he is completely clueless haha. anyways, if i were to get married tomorrow and pop out some kids, i would still remain fun at heart ya know. i'd like to think that if that is what i really wanted to do with someone that i would make the best of it. now, any other guy i come across, i'm pretty sure i'd still like to continue working and wait until i'm about seventy-five to have kids but with the other one, whooooo i'd start it all in a heart beat and be a stay at home trophy wife haha.
okay, enough of me rambling about my fantasies. haha, talk to you guys later.
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