Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lindsey Wixson.

i-d magazine.
fall issue.
by emma summerton.

so i'm not really too sure on whether or not i've blogged about lindsey before, so if i already have please pardon me for being repetitive.
anyways, i've really grown to be fascinated by this girl. her look is really different but in the most amazing way. her mouth is what really makes her but then again, her eyes and the rest of her face are pretty cool too.
so what happened was i-d took her "different-ness" and transformed it into their fall issue for this shoot.
she really is like a work of art. she's so different and...i don't!
haha, obviously i'm a little lost for words, forgive me.
but i will say, i find it very interesting that she has soo many haters. i will proudly say that i'm a big fan of hers.
she's not a "typical" beauty but isn't that exactly what the whole fashion industry is about. they find odd extremes that can be transformed into breaking the mold of a normal prettiness into something much for beautiful. you feel me?
it's like 1:30AM where i am. i'm supposed to be studying for an anatomy and calculus test butttttt i'm looking at reviews from the paris fashion shows instead. (of course lol).
well...i guess i'll get started on that studying thing.
tah-tah for now fashionistas.