Thursday, September 9, 2010

Richard Chai Love.

spring 2011.

hello ladies and gents, sorry i haven't posted in two days but i've been really busy.
i got the opportunity to do this kick ass internship so i thought since i finally got some time to myself that i might as well throw a blog post up on here. soooo, as we all know, new york fashion week started and i am more excited than ever!! woo-hoo.
alrighty, so i don't think that i've ever posted anything on mr. ricahrd chai in the past, sooo i thought i'd go ahead and do that now. anyways, i like the guy, he's pretty cool.
so onto the actual collection. alrighty, from a distance it looks really plain, kinda "blah," ...ya know.
but if you reaally look at it, there are some sweet little nice details included that i liked, some little sparkle sparkles in there if ya know what i'm sayin'.
he used this shear material that i only cared for in certain looks, most of the pants i fell in love with, and overall the clothes were very simple in their shapes but flattering.
i think this show was alright, i kinda wish i could see the actual clothes in person though because i think the pictures aren't doing them as much justice as it would to actually see them up close...but whatever.
here are my favorite looks from the collection. =)

(these pics i got of styledotcom)