Monday, September 6, 2010


vogue china.
september 2010.
by catherine servel.

skin skin skin, it's all about the skin..looking youthful, fresh, clean,..yaaa know.
throw some plastic surgery into the mix and you've got yourself an ideal woman.
everyone's so obsessed with good advice for everybody out there who wants that sort of appearance, is to A, drink helllaaaa water!! B, fix up your diet, soda and chocolate will give you pimples. C, turn those frowns upside down ladies. frowning and making pouty faces give you does smoking..
remember to wash your face twice a day with whatever cleanser you choose.
exfoliate once or twice a week...
moisturize...and uhhh yeah..any other questions email me or just go on youtube and i'm sure you can find some cool chicks on there that can tell you what to do to have great skin.
tah-tah for now.