Thursday, September 23, 2010


gucci show.
spring 2011 collection.

yayyyy, gucci gucci gucci! loves it. alrighty, so this collection didn't surprise me in any sort of way that made me jump out of my seat. it truly was typical gucci, but in a good way. i did like it.
the color range was brilliant in my book. i loved the bright purple, turquoise, and orange. then the colors went off into neutrals and then blacks. so it was a nice range. two thumbs up for that. ;)
the actual clothes had some sick ass designs. it was some sweet shit let me tell ya. and the little details like the belts and tassels on things was tight. so i enjoyed it, i must say. it was indeed predictable but i don't care. giannini did a good job. here's my favorite stuff from the show. hope you guys like it.
toodles folks.