Sunday, October 3, 2010


john galliano.
paris fashion week.
spring 2011 collection.

here comes one of galliano's biggest fans!....meeee!!! i've been waiting for this show and was so happy to see that the pictures and footage from the show were up on the net for me to view and review. i liked it.
colorful. intriguing. interesting. liked it, liked it.
the sheer thing is gonna be HUGE for the spring ladies, i'm just going to go ahead and give you a heads up on that one. because it seems like almost every show i look at, there's a bunch of shear, see-through shit.
but i'm diggin' it, so it's alright i suppose. there was silk, just like in the marc jacobs show...hmmm what else.
beading, lace, cute jackets, embroidery, and a lot of other stuff. you guys know how theatrical john is with all of his collections, but that's why we enjoy his work so much, right?
well anyways, i have nothing but praise for him...yet again.
so i encourage everyone to go out and do some research on this show and read some more reviews because as i'm typing this i'm realizing this is nothing but me rambling lol.
okie dokie, i'm out.