Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christian Dior.

paris fashion week.
spring/summer 2011.
john galliano.

here we are again, i wanted to do a review on someone other than galliano just because that's so expected of me...but i don't care haha. hopefully you guys are big galliano lovers too. no complaints so far, so i guess i'll just go ahead and keep posting stuff on him haha.
alrighty, so this show was sooo much fun. it was like 30s fun, very nautical, betty page inspired...just really fun. it soo looked like summertime. when i watched the full show on the internet, i immediately wanted to go swimming. too bad i live in the mid west and it's pretty chilly outside where i'm at, sooo can't really do that lol.
oh darn. okay, so there were so many cool bright ass colors, a lot of sheer/light stuff, cutesy little dresses...just a lot of nice stuff.

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