Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jones Magazine.

september 2010.
photographer: steven gomillion and dennis leupold.
models: anais mali and sessilee lopez.

ahhhhh i never seem to put a lot of minority models on my blog...and i dont really have an explaination as to why that is...
you'd think that i'd do it more than the average person simply because i am a minority,....but whatever, couldn't tell ya my reasoning..
sooo i found this cool shoot with two of my favorite girls, sessilee and anais.
anyone who says that these two aren't gorgeous i would punch them in the face instantaneously! i love them.
there's like nothing wrong with them AT ALL!! god, im so jealous lmao.
anyways, this shoot is alright, i only think it's hella cool only because they're in it...
soooo here it is folks.