Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Linda Evagnelista.

vogue italia.
by: steven meisel.
styling by: joe mckenna.

so ladies and gents, i thought that i'd throw a little something different at ya today.
i'm sure that you're well aware that i have slight obsession with old films and nostalgia by looking at the icons on the far right side of my blog. katherine hepburn's acting, styling, and poise is something that i've always highly admired. she sort of broke the mold of what a "traditional" lady is supposed to look like but she still kept it classy. thanks to her, i can find inspiration for how i dress today. so thank you kat. ;)
meisel did a great job in shooting linda for this shoot, he really did capture the whole essence of what was katherine hepburn.

Originally published in Vogue Italia (March 1994)