Monday, October 25, 2010

Elle Sweden.

frida gustavsson.
by magnus magnusson.
elle sweden.
november 2010.

this whole mother earth, dream catcher, hippie, bohemian thing is ever so popular in the editorial world of fashion right about now. i'm likin' it or whatever but god damn! enough is enough.
anywayss, i like the stuff though, i guess that would explain why i'm doing a post on it. this is kind of the blonde haired blue eyed version of the shoot i posted a couple days ago with liu wen in it. but this one is cool too. even though the liu one still tops...sorry frida. this makes me want to run and go play outside soooo baaaddd! don't you guys love fall!??! i need to start doing more outfit posts on here...even though i've only done like three....but i should still go ahead and get on that. yeaaaahh, ok i will, so expect some outfit posts in the near future guys.
okie dokie, i'm out. peace.