Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wild Dreams.

liu wen.
shot by greg kadel.
vogue germany.
styled by kate mossman.

what a perfect title for this editorial. this is absolutely breath-taking. and if you don't agree with me, ...just go away. lol. i was ironically just going through an obsession with music from the lion king movies and i had "he lives in you" and "circle of life" on repeat for the past couple of days. this shoot has soooo much vibrancy and movement. i really had a hard time choosing what pictures i wanted to include in this post only because i loved all of them. this is GENIUS, don't ya think?
the amazing colors and sharpness of the photography makes it all the more captivating and inviting to stare at. she looks soo cool here! this is probably one of my most favorite spreads i've seen for any of the vogue magazines in a really long time. i'm thinking about getting these images printed out and posted somewhere on a wall in my room...too bad all the walls in my room are already completely covered with fashion ads, but this one needs to be put up somewhere...maybe on my ceiling?? ahh, who knows.
i am mesmerized by everything, the clothes, her poses, the intensity of the makeup, the clear blue background, the's all so sick.
anyways, if you can't tell, i really really like this and i hope you do too.
soooo here we go folks, take a look for yourself.