Monday, October 25, 2010

Giorgio Armani.

spring 2011.
milan fashion week.

okay, okay so i know fashion week was last month BUUUTTTT there are still so many cool things that i never got the chance to touch on with you guys. giorgio armani is probably one of my most favorite designers. i love the way he makes women look. i think that in comparison to all the other major designers out there in the fashion world currently,...he just simply "gets it." ya know what i'm sayin? hopefully you do. so anyways, this show was AMAZING. i loved because i thought the concept was so beautiful and how it corresponded identically with all of the garments that were presented. the whole thing was the sahara desert at night and how the night sky looks on everything. genius right? i know.
so everything was this cool deep blue or black. even though he stuck with identical colors throughout the whole show, the use of texture was absolutely incredible so it didn't get boring. there were shear pieces, sprinkles, sparkles, glittery crap, ahhhh just so much cool stuff was added. and me, being one for detail adored all of that extraness. there was a sense of tribal layering, cool fabrics, knits, and tailoring.
i gotta tell you guys, i loved it all. good job armani team, you guys did a great job on this one.!